19 Nov 2011

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Nitrous oxide is a type of anesthetic, a substance that is used to treat pain. If used in the right dose, it can reduce pain without causing unconsciousness. This gas is commonly known by its street name, “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is used primarily by dentists to keep patients comfortable during painful dental procedures. It can also be mixed with other drugs as a general anesthetic. When it is administered by medical personnel, nitrous oxide is safe and effective anesthesia.

In recent years, many people, particularly adolescents and young people, have been abusing this drug for recreational purposes. These people use the gas solely to obtain a ‘high’, and not to treat any medical condition. Nitrous oxide is an inhalant that can be dangerous if used out of its medical context. This inhalant contains dangerous vapors which can lead to irritating physical and psychological effects when breathed in. Vapors from this gas can produce psychoactive and mind-altering effects when it is inhaled through the mouth or nose.

Nitrous Oxide Abuse

The abuse of Nitrous oxide gas is on the rise in the modern world. It is a commonly available substance in learning institutions. What has led to a high degree of abuse of this drug is its ready availability and relative affordability. It is sniffed or huffed to cause intoxicating effects. The effects of this drug are the same as those of using alcohol, and users will experience short-lived euphoric sensations. As these feelings subside, the user may experience side effects, prompting them to continue using the drug in an effort to avoid the effects.

Nitrous oxide addiction is something that often starts out as a joke, and as a result of experimentation. Young people, in particular, are curious to try substances that produce new sensations. This particular gas can be obtained from canned whipped cream available at grocery stores. The sale of nitrous oxide to teens is not something that is easily regulated, since this gas can even be sold in balloons at parties and clubs.

N2O is used as an aerosol propellant in cans. This gas comes in varying grades or degrees, and it can come in small cans that are legally sold in restaurants for use in food preparation.

Nitrous oxide addiction is difficult to deal with. Once in the body, the gas produces a ‘high’ that gives them the feeling they are floating in a stress free world. These sensations are what users seek, and regular use of the substance leads to addiction. Any time the users feel stressed, they will use this drug to produce the same feelings. As these feelings wear out, the side effects crop up, prompting the abuser to take more of the drug in an effort to sustain the effects. Once an addiction has developed, it can be hard for a user to quit. However, bear in mind that the side effects of nitrous oxide use can be dangerous, and can lead to death.

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